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A Customized Program to Invest in Consumer Financing Assets

U.S. Credit has identified and contracted with several partners in select markets to develop and implement customized consumer financing programs. The lending product, a traditional closed-end consumer loan, features a common set of underwriting criteria and is entirely processed through electronic application and underwriting portal.

U.S. Credit works with financial institutions and intermediaries that are looking for ways to acquire high-quality consumer loans to diversify their balance sheets or provide additional, consistent income opportunities. All financing assets are generated through point-of-sale programs developed and managed by U.S. Credit.


Lending Partners Can Select their Preferred Method of Participation

  • As an originator and seller with originated loans pre-sold under forward flow commitments earning revenue at time of origination
  • As a purchaser of originated assets, earning spread income through the life of the asset
  • As both originator and seller holding a portion of the originated assets and selling the remainder


Generated Consumer Financing Assets

  • Sourced at the point of sale through underwritten merchant partners
  • Made to borrowers that have been fully credit approved in accordance with underwriting guidelines
  • Delivered through sophisticated electronic platforms integrated with merchant’s point-of-sale system
  • Originated with full regulatory compliance


Who Should Work with U.S. Credit?

  • Hedge funds wanting to expand their portfolio
  • Banks looking for new consumer loan opportunities
  • Credit unions with excess capital
  • Non-bank lenders looking for a new source of funds


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