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Innovative, strategic, and effective programs to propel your growth!

Highest Approval Rates

We are dedicated to developing custom programs to provide your business with the highest approval rating in the industry.

Expedited Processing

With strong focus on saving both you and your customers time, our approval process only takes about 60 seconds!

Training & Marketing

Work with our finance experts on the best ways to design and execute a tailored marketing strategy based on selling more with finance.

Grow Your Business

U.S. Credit offers consumer lending products to qualified borrowers that are sourced through a variety of channels.

  • Storage Solutions: Loans are sourced to consumers through large manufacturers of non-portable shed and metal storage buildings.
  • Outdoor Sports: Customized loan products are offered to mid-size and larger brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retailers of hunting and fishing gear, non-powered watercraft and electric bicycles.
  • Elective Cosmetic Surgery: Offerings include a customized, sponsored point-of-sale financing program to be private-labeled for the leading resource site for consumers researching elective cosmetic surgery procedures.
  • Home Improvement: Offerings in this vast vertical were designed in conjunction with several major aggregators of home improvement contractors. The fully branded portal will then be used during in-home sales consultations with homeowners.


Innovative Payment Solutions

U.S. Credit has identified and contracted with a number of partners in select markets to develop and implement point-of-sale consumer financing programs. The lending product, a traditional closed-end consumer loan, features a common set of underwriting criteria and is entirely processed through an electronic application and underwriting portal. 


Who Should Work with U.S. Credit?

  • Ecommerce retailers wanting to offer customers an automated pay-over-time solution
  • Brick-and-mortar retailers branching out to ecommerce sales with multiple payment options, including financing.


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