U.S. Credit, Inc. Launches Updated Website for its Partners and Sponsors to Gain Valuable Information Quickly & Easily

U.S Credit, Inc. has forged a brand-new look and feel for their companies’ web presence with the help of Boston based web design and development agency ‘Yelling Mule’ to offer valuable information to prospective partners and investors.

HYANNIS, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES of AMERICA: December 1,  2020. Today, we are excited to announce the completion of our new corporate website! In partnership with the Boston based web design and development agency, Yelling Mule, we have forged a brand-new look and feel for our companies’ web presence through captivating design, as well as intriguing and informational content. When inside, the potential ‘partner’ or ‘sponsor’ will find a slew of subject matter targeted directly at their needs, answering any and all questions at the click of a mouse.

We’ve created essentially a one stop shop of information for a wide range of prospective audiences, giving them the ability to learn about everything our company has to offer. From Lending partners, to Program sponsors, to Retail partners, there is a piece of information to suit them all. With a major upgrade from our previous sites, and a first true ‘corporate’ site offering valuable information on our commitment to the growth and further success of our partners in all industries, we plan to strengthen our standing in the fintech space as a top lending platform for certain niche markets.

According to Steve Galvin, U.S. Credit’s CEO-“A good website should do four things-attract the right visitors, clearly guide them to the most specific solutions you can offer them, collect contact information to help build future relationships and, most importantly, leave  with a feeling that says “these guys really know what they are doing”. I am very proud of the work done by our team and Yelling Mule and I believe that we have accomplished those four important goals”

About U.S. Credit Inc.

U.S. Credit is a trusted fintech provider that combines a nationwide network of financing institutions supported by our technology partner FinMkt that are capitalizing on the convergence of finance and technology. Combining years of banking experience with a passion for modern technology, U.S. Credit is streamlining the digital lending experience through innovative and integrated consumer financing solutions. We develop and manage on behalf of a wide range of clients point of sale or direct to consumer financing solutions within a wide array of industries and products. To find out what U.S. Credit’s commitment and technology can do for your business visit www.uscreditinc.com or contact us via email at connect@uscreditinc.com.

Nathan Galvin

U.S. Credit, Inc.