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Since 1992 we Have Focused on Doing Two Things - and Doing Them Well


We develop and administer custom lending programs for large retailers, point-of-sale platforms and educational institutions.

At U.S. Credit we focus our energies on two specific tasks. We work with selected clients to structure, implement and administer point-of-sale financing programs that provide their customers with integrated access to a robust, technologically advanced financing solution featuring a superior borrower experience and competitive products.

We also work with financial institutions and intermediaries.

We provide our financial institution partners with customizable investment opportunities in the origination and/or purchase of high-quality consumer finance assets generated exclusively through our Point-of-Sale programs.

Our Team

Our success is rooted in relationships-we take the time to understand what type of programs our clients should offer their customers and we use our expertise to develop the proper products as we all use technology-based platform for delivering those products.

Stephen Galvin
Kevin Murphy
Robbie Ratliff
Irene Rimer
Mark Ferrara

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